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Superior Custom Classics, Inc. offers the latest in vehicle performance upgrades, including custom SCT programming. SCT works by first storing the stock ECU programming in the handheld unit, and then reprogramming the ECU flash chip. Better gas mileage, enhanced performance, and fine-tuned control of your vehicle's systems can all be expected by the installation of an SCT tuner. Superior Custom Classics has expert staff trained and ready to help you get the most out of your stock vehicle! Ask us about an SCT tune today!


For the ultimate in performance, Superior Custom Classics recommends installing an Accel Engine Management System. ACCEL and ACCEL DFI systems replace your stock ECU, and allow real-time tuning adjustments to your engine's air/fuel maps, timing maps, resulting in increased throttle response across the entire RPM range. Superior Custom Classics has over 15 years of experience adapting Accel systems to Fords, Chevys and Dodges. From small-blocks to big-blocks, all forms of fuel injection, naturally aspirated, supercharged, turbo or nitrous, Accel systems provide complete control of your engine.